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          1. iXL Products

            iXL Products are heavy industry’s #1 choice for Diesel Fuel Treatments that solve severe regen issues in aftertreatment systems, and Premium Greases that can stand up to heat and pressure like specialty greases without being corrosive. OEMs and Owner-Operators alike love the iXL Big Rig Treatments and Finished Oils for reducing downtime and extending part life. And any mechanic who has ever used a case of spray lube trying to get one part unstuck loves iXL Advanced Lubricants once they try them.

            Fuel Treatments

            The only diesel treatment with iXL Technology? designed to extend regen intervals, cure low sulfer diesel issues, extend DPF life, and eliminate issues caused by EGR & SCR systems. Super Concentrated and highly potent, the Regen Fix formulation enhances, purifies, and protects your diesel engine.

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            Big Rig Line

            Bold, Innovative and powerful, IXL Big Rig line offers premium protection for your most expensive machines A treatment line formulated to lower operating temperatures, extend parts life, and protect your most valued machines. The iXL Big Rig line protects your rig from front to rear.

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            Premium Greases

            Resilient and implacable, iXL Premium Greases are multipurpose greases that out perform and out protect under extreme pressure & high heat to defend heavy machinery and parts from corrosion and wear. Extend greasing intervals, use less grease, and ultimately better protect your equipment.

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            Finished Oils

            Refined and intuitive, iXL Finished Oils represent the pinnacle of simplicity and performance. The most effective way to reduce operating temperatures and optimize machine performance, iXL’s Oils shear-blend iXL Lubricating Technologies with the carrier oils, for no-measure handling.

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            Advanced Lubricants

            Where innovative formulas meet application-specific design, iXL Advanced Lubricants reign unchallenged. iXL Advanced Lubricants are crafted to resolve real-world mechanical problems through better technologies, lubrication, and delivery.

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